An Easy Guide to Remove Shorting in Mobile Phones

Your cell phone can face several issues such as getting overheated (though this problem is common in some of the models), not switching on, battery getting discharged very soon, frequent freezing and hanging of your phone and so on. Sometimes, your phone may automatically restart if it is short. This problem is known as a short-circuit. Before you eliminate the shorting, it is imperative for you to know whether the circuit of your handset is short or not. Here are some of the simple ways for checking shorting in a mobile phone:
Causes for the shorting of a handset’s circuit board
⎫ You handset is overheated
⎫ The most common cause of such a problem is the mobile phone falling in water or getting drenched.
⎫ Using a faulty or an incompatible charger to charge your handset.
⎫ Smoke or sparks coming out of your mobile phone due to any reason.
Process for removal of shorting in mobile phones

Halifax phone repair

1. Your mobile phone has to be dismantled so that the PCB or the printed circuit board can be taken out. You need to be cautious while doing so to prevent any type of damage to it. Your next step would be to remove parts like camera, LCD, and so on as it is just the board that is simply required.

2. A circuit cleaner like IPA, thinner, alcohol or spirit should be used for cleaning the entire printed circuit board thoroughly. You should next ensure that it is dried thoroughly. After the completion of each step, you should check whether the shorting has stopped or not. You should go to the next step only if the issue is not solved.

3. Your next step should be to make sure that the printed circuit board of your handset undergoes deep cleaning. Usually phone repair technicians use a liquid known as Elma. If you cannot get access to this solution, a solution made from a mild soap can be applied for thorough cleaning of the PCB.
Elma procedure
The PCB has to be dipped in a mild soap solution or Elma for about 2 to 4 hours. The PCB should be removed from the solution and then cleaned properly with a brush. The PCB should then be dried thoroughly so that there is not a droplet of soap solution or water that remains on it. A dryer can be used for thorough drying of the PCB. Alternatively, direct sunlight or a flame can be used, though a hair dryer is the best option.
If the problem of shorting is resolved after cleaning the PCB, the cause may have been some dust particles that resulted in shorting. Dust is one of the bitter enemies that can hamper the smooth working of the circuit board of your handset. In case the problem persists, it best if you take your device to a Halifax phone repair store or call TDK Mobile.

Domains, Web Hosting and Site Files Explained

Before you start looking for a web hosting plan for your company website in Halifax , you should know some basic terms in web hosting and what they mean. There are three parts in any website. They are the domain, web hosting and sites files.

The domain name is the name that appears in the address bar of your browser (like, You can see the domain name in the URL. One of the functions of the domain name is to identify the IP address. An IP address is like a telephone number. Just like we use telephone numbers to connect to other people, computers use IP addresses to connect to each other. A domain name can connect to more than one address (for example, connects to many IP addresses).

Without a domain name, your Halifax web hosting is redundant. Every domain name ends with a suffix, which indicates the top level domain it belongs to. For example, .edu, .gov, .com, .org and so on.

What does web hosting consist off?

Let us say that you are starting a new business. You don’t own an office, so you rent one. This rented office space is similar to web hosting. Your physical space may be furbished but a virtual office space isn’t. However, it is very easy to furnish this space provided by your Halifax web hosting service. There are many online tools that create a framework.

Web hosting is important because without it, your Halifax business won’t have a home on the internet. Without it, your domain name is comparable to a disconnected telephone number.

Site files are the actual products and services seen by visitors to your website. Site files can be in the form of .html or .php, .mp3, .jpj or any other files extension that can be parsed by your browser.

How does a website work?

Here is a short summary of the whole operation. Consider that you are a website visitor. You enter the URL into the address bar ( The address bar extracts the domain name from the URL (websitename) and uses it to query the DNS server (Domain Name System) for the domain name’s IP address.

The DNS is a naming system for services, computers or any other resource connected to a private network or internet. Once it receives the IP address from the DNS server, the browser assembles a request and sends it to the web host server. If your Halifax web hosting service recognizes it, it will generates a response in HTML. The browser then reads the HTML and converts into a web page (or site files).

If you understand and internalize this difference, it will be easier for you when you begin to build your web site.

Five Compelling Facts That Make the Case For Synthetic Ice Rinks

Synthetic ice skating rinks are made of high-density polyethylene and designed to hit the same sweet spot as skating on the actual ice of a frozen stream, lake or pond. They are fundamentally different from rinks made using conventional ice surfaces, in that they are not affected by the heat surrounding the rink. This makes them a great option for rinks, which need to or are expected to be functional in all weather conditions.

Still not sure if synthetic ice rinks will be right for your facility? Read on!

Five ways artificial ice makes a superior choice

  1. Synthetic ice rinks are environmentally friendly

Made from 100 percent high-density (or ultra high-density) polyethylene, the plastic ice polymer is ‘green’. It is non-toxic, sustainable and 100 percent recyclable. The manufacturing process is also light on the carbon footprint it leaves on Mother Earth, since no water and other non-renewable sources are used in making synthetic ice rinks.

Also, compared to natural-ice-based skating rinks, which mandate refrigeration, synthetic ice skating rinks score additional points for being environmental friendly. Since these rinks do not need refrigeration, they do not use electricity or release toxic VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in the process.

  1. Synthetic ice rinks are wonderfully customizable

From size and shape to color and design – every aspect of synthetic ice rinks can be customized to meet the specific needs of your home, business or commercial property. Natural ice rinks do not offer this kind of customizability.

  1. Synthetic ice rinks are financially liberating

Since they are made using plastic ice, synthetic ice rinks do not require refrigeration or the use of water to keep them operable. Thus, you do not have to spend on purchasing hefty coolers for your rink. You do not incur huge electricity and water bills from maintenance also. If you consider the return on investment these artificial rinks bring you, the financial gains become stronger.

A typical, high-quality plastic ice rink for instance, will last you about two decades. It attracts customers, clients and buyers by making your facility more attractive and appealing. From guests, who seek hotels or resorts with more than just a swimming pool and a garden or shoppers who are tired of dull malls to customers, who want to have wholesome family fun at your outdoor/indoor entertainment venue or prospective home buyers who want that ‘special something’ in their dream home – synthetic ice skating rinks have high selling potential, which improves your long-term gains from the associated  property.

  1. Synthetic ice rinks are easy to install, move around and re-purpose

As simple as that! They are very modular and can therefore be installed, moved around, re-installed, moved around again…, and re-purposed with superior ease. This, however, is a benefit you do not have with natural ice skating rinks.

  1. Synthetic ice rinks are at your service 24x7x365


No matter what time of day, day of week, week of month or month of year – you can trust synthetic ice skating rinks to perform at all times. Whether it is a national holiday when commercial ice skating rinks will be closed or it is the midday of mid-May, when natural ice rinks would have turned into puddles of water – you, your family, customers, clients, employees and others can enjoy the rinks for diverse purposes throughout the year.

Benefits of Maintaining Human Growth Hormone Levels

Growth hormones are not only needed during your teen years. These hormones – HGH – help human bodies to function well even in later stages of life. Therefore it is important to maintain proper levels of HGH in your adult life also.

Here are some benefits of maintain HGH levels in the body.

Increased stamina

Proper HGH levels can mean an increase in stamina and overall energy levels. When you maintain HGH levels you can make sure that your stamina is consistently high so that you are able to carry out everyday tasks with ease at any age.

Better cardiac health

According to some recent studies a decline in HGH levels can affect your heart. It is therefore important to maintain HGH levels for proper heart functions, for normal blood pressure, better pulmonary functions and increased blood flow to all parts of the body.

Reduced body fat

HGH levels in the body help burn fat and build muscles. This can help people build more muscles, get a lean body and delay aging.

Better sexual functions

When the HGH levels are optimum your sexual functions are also all right. But any reduction in growth hormones can lead to a loss in libido, decreased testosterone levels and low sex drive. So maintain proper HGH levels to keep your sex drive healthy and increase your libido.

Youthful skin

Proper HGH levels help the skin maintain its elasticity and suppleness. It can also keep cellulite at bay. Any decline in growth hormone levels can affect your skin and make it look lackluster. The skin will sag faster when growth hormones lack in the body.

Stronger bones

Healthy HGH levels in the body support good bone health. Growth hormones help the body maintain calcium reserves and collagen; both of which are essential for healthy bones.

General well-being

HGH levels can affect moods and this in turn can affect performances at work and in personal life. When mood is elevated it improves libido, increases stamina and gives an overall sense of happiness and ease.

How to maintain proper HGH levels?

You can consult a doctor if you notice a decrease in your libido or stamina consistently or any other health problem. This could be a result of reducing HGH levels. Some supplements like GH Burn can help you raise your HGH levels and boost libido, increase stamina and overall performance and endurance. You can also eat a healthy diet and maintain a good workout schedule.